Share My Umbrella

Share My Umbrella

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Share My Umbrella
Words and Music © Matthew Giffin

Some people live 
In a great big city
People and cars 
As far as you can see
Streets like a maze, 
You can walk for days all around

There’s bridges and walls
And buildings so tall
Parks and buses and trains
So much to see
Wherever you may be
And if it starts to rain
You can buy an umbrella

Some people live
In a village or town
People and the cars
Are few to be found
Peaceful and quiet
Go and have a look all around

Theres birds in the trees
And the fresh country breeze
Maybe a farm or a field
With cows and some sheep
And hills that are steep
And if it starts to rain
Better bring an umbrella
Where do you live?

What do you see?
If you could be anywhere
Where would you be?
Wherever you are
You will always be here
In the great big world.

Everyone lives in the world somewhere
Here, there and everywhere
It's a beautiful world
Everyone shares, it's true
What's your view?
So many thing we have in common
The sun, the moon and the stars
Rivers and streams
And millions of dreams
And if it starts to rain you can share my umbrella.