Everyone Just Like You

Everyone Just Like You

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Everyone Just Like You
Words & Music © Matthew Giffin

Everyone in their own way
Greets the moments of each day
Has a voice and words to say
Thoughts and dreams and games to play
Everyone is unique yes, it’s true
Everyone in the world just like you

Everyone has a place
A story written on their face
A way to be a way to see
A life to live a gift to give
Everyone has a special point of view
Everyone in the world just like you

We may disagree from time to time
We may see things differently but with an open mind
I might understand your point of view
And with an open heart you may understand me too

Everyone in this moment now
Can choose to find a way somehow
To share a smile to walk a mile
In someone’s shoes to reconcile
Everyone in the world yes it’s true
Wants peace, love and friendship a place to dream and grow
To be all they can be
Just like you