Dinosaur Day

Dinosaur Day

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Dinosaur Day
Words & Music © Matthew Giffin

What does a tiger say? What’s a good tiger day?
When all the hunters have gone away 
They come out of the bush and say, ‘hurray’!
Then they have a big tiger party
They’re so happy to be free
No more worrying’, no more scurrying’
Just beautiful as can be
Well, that’s when the tigers say
It’s a good tiger day!

What does a polar bear say? What’s good polar bear day?
Well, it’s cold and snowy
Breezy and blowy
Snowflakes flying’ every which way
And the sea is covered with ice
The polar bear smiles and says, ‘that’s nice’!
Just the right amount of open water
For the seals and the otters
The polar bear says, ‘hurray’!
It’s a good polar bear day!

What does an elephant say? What’s a good elephant day?
Well, it’s hot and dusty and the sun is blazing
The elephants think the weather’s amazing
And there’s no poachers to be found
Just nice and peaceful all around
For the mamas and the babies splashing by the stream
That’s the kind of elephant dream
That makes an elephant say, ‘hurray’!
It’s a good elephant day!

Well, what would a dinosaur say, if they were still around today?
Perhaps some friendly, free advice
Like, ‘you only live once so don’t think twice’
Or, ‘make the most of your time
And don’t be troubled by trouble in mind’
It’s a beautiful world meant to be shared
With the tigers, elephants and polar bears’

So maybe take a moment or two
To think about the things that you can do
For our furry, feathered friends together
We can save the world from stormy weather
And the children will shout, ‘hurray, I knew we’d find our way
To become aware, I do declare
It’s a wonderful dinosaur day,
It’s a wonderful dinosaur day.