Brand New Day

Brand New Day

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Brand New Day
Words & Music © Matthew Giffin

Every day the world turns round
To see the sunshine smiling down
All the birds begin too sing
Clock alarms begin to ring
Time to get up and get on your way
It’s a brand new day

Who can say what you will find
Which thoughts and dreams will cross your mind
Something old, something new
Perhaps a different point of view
A brand new song to sing new words to say
It’s a brand new day

Which way will your pathway lead on the journey to tomorrow?
Who will you meet along the way?
Where have you been?
How far have you travelled?
From where your journey started to where you are today?

Each day is a gift you see
Full of possibility
And when the sun fades into night
And the moon glow casts a gentle light
May the stars shine down to light your way
To a brand new day