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Words and Music © Matthew Giffin

A smile is a language
Everybody understands
A smile can make you feel at home
Even in a far away land
A smile is worth your while
Puts the world in the palm of your hand
So smile, smile, smile

A smile is like the sunshine
On a summer day
A smile is a celebration
Of the good things that come our way
A smile can reassure
Everything is OK
So smile, smile, smile

A smile is something we all have in common
Everybody knows it’s true
A smile is contagious, and often courageous
And sometimes the best you can do
In situations or complications
A smile can see you through
To a better place
With a smile on your face
It’s amazing what a smile can do

So smile, give it try
What do you have to lose?
Smile, big as the sky
Be the bearer of good news
Smile, and if you do
The world will smile right back at you
So smile, smile, smile.