Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in May


This interactive drama and story program celebrates Asian Heritage Month during the month of May and provides students with the opportunity to participate in dramatizing stories while learning about diversity and common positive characteristics shared by all people. In terms of curriculum, the program supports Literacy, Social Studies, Drama and Character Education.


The Boy Who Wanted a Drum

During an outing, a young girl is kind and helpful to everyone she meets. In the end, she is rewarded with the gift of her dreams. This story can be used to discuss perseverance, creativity, generosity and kindness.

The Magic Spring

A generous couple shares an incredible gift with their greedy neighbour. The result is truly magical, demonstrating the power of kindness, forgiveness and generosity. 

The Chinese Zodiac

This story is an imaginative account of the personal idiosyncrasies and traits that make each person unique and original. The story features character traits like loyalty, cheerfulness, creativity and ambition. Click here to listen to the story again. 

The Boy Who Painted Cats

An artistic boy follows his abilities even when discouraged by others. In the end, he benefits his society for having the integrity to remain true to his art. The story celebrates courage, personal creativity and community engagement.

The Empty Flower Pot

An emperor holds a contest for the children in order to find the next ruler. He gives the children flower seeds and asks them to return to the palace on the first day of summer to show what they have grown, to determine the winner. The result is a delightful surprise. The story illustrates bravery, honesty, and integrity.

The Flock of Dove

A flock of doves is captured in a hunter’s net, but by working together, they are able to find freedom. The story illustrates teamwork, cooperation, problem solving and helpfulness.