Stories About Empathy

Great well-told stories grab our attention, are unforgettable and can teach important values and life lessons. This interactive program features stories about empathy, respect, compassion and kindness, providing students with the opportunity to participate in dramatizing stories while learning about diversity and common positive characteristics shared by all people. In terms of curriculum, the program supports Literacy, Social Studies, Drama and Character Education. 


The Boy Who Wanted a Drum 

In the story, a young boy is kind and helpful to everyone he meets. In the end, he is rewarded with the gift of his dreams. This story can be used to discuss empathy, compassion, creativity, generosity and kindness.

The Magic Spring

In this story, a generous couple shares an incredible gift with their greedy neighbour. The result is truly magical, demonstrating the power of kindness, forgiveness and generosity.

 The Rooster Goes to the Fiesta 

In this story, a rooster asks for help from those around him, but no one helps until the sun comes to his aid. The story can inspire kindness, helpfulness and compassion.

The Singing Snake

The inhabitants of an island decide to have a singing contest and big snake is determined to win, no matter what the cost. In the end, snake learns an important lesson about treating others with respect. This story can be used to discuss empathy, respect and fair play.

How Squirrel Broke the World

A nervous bunny accuses a squirrel of breaking the world and enlists other animals to chase the innocent squirrel. In the end, the lion teaches everyone the power of the spoken word. This story can be used to discuss accuracy, gossip, empathy and honesty.

 The Ant and the Dove

A drowning ant is saved by a dove, who in turn saves it from a hunter. This story can be used to discuss reciprocation, compassion, helpfulness and kindness.